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PCU / Hardshell Level 6 Trouser (штаны XL)

PCU / Hardshell Level 6 Trouser (штаны XL)
PCU - Protective Combat Uniform


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 Description:  The Level 6 Trouser is the waterproof pant layer of the Special Operations Forces (SOF), Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) system. It is made with a waterproof, seam sealed, non-breathable fabric to protect against the harshest wet weather. Details:  Torrential rain is no problem with this lightweight totally waterproof, coated nylon hard shell trouser. It is slightly oversized to fit easily and quickly over any gear you might be wearing. This unique garment crotch gusset is in place to improve fit and eliminate creep. It is also prepped and ready for suspenders. The fly opens from the top or

bottom and the garment has side zippers for ease of removal. размер XL cостояние - новые Made in the USA


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